Environmental Industry

Satellite Solutions for a Sustainable Future

In the environmental sector, satellite imagery isn’t just data – it’s the key to protecting and preserving our planet. But let’s face it, dealing with satellite data can feel like trying to drink water from a fire hose. That’s where YNSAT steps in. We make satellite data manageable, meaningful, and, dare we say, enjoyable

Whether you want to use this data for policy-making, conservation efforts, environmental impact assessments, forestry, monitoring water pollution,… we help you do that effortlessly.

We understand that using multiple platforms to manage satellite data in your projects, or spending excessive time on data gathering and processing, rather than focusing on what truly matters, doesn’t make sense. So what about tackling the ever-present challenge of turning vast amounts of data into actionable insights easily and efficiently?

Whether you already use satellite imagery and want to know how to leverage it in the most efficient way, or you want to start implementing it in your environmental projects, you are in the right place.


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