Making satellite data available for everyone

Extrapolation of the newspace sector to other unrelated areas is the key driver of this company’s innovations. Do you want to see an example? Take a look to our product focused on the EdTech sector.

Our Mission

YNSAT aims to make satellite data available for everyone by providing useful information about our planet in an easy manner. The will to build a smarter society and awaking its environmental awareness is the core of this company, which we always bear in mind in order to develop our solutions the best way we know.

Our Team

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Víctor Moreno

CEO & Co-founder

Overcoming new challenges, adventure and facing the unknown is what drives me forward. That’s why I am passionate about agile culture and entrepreneurship, which is something I enjoy even more when applied to the space.

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Samuel Álvarez

CPO & Co-founder

I am passionate about computer science, maps, education and everything related to the startup world.


Rodrigo Guerrero

CTO & Co-founder

I am a very curious person who has always liked technology and learning everything related to it. Software and entrepreneurship is the engine that moves me to keep learning and improving.

Contact Us

Bulevar Louis Pasteur. 47

Málaga, Spain



+34 655 260 701

Bulevar Louis Pasteur. 47

Málaga, Spain