Making Satellite Imagery
Data Available to Everyone

about us

What we do

Our approach at YNSAT is
quite simple:

We detect challenges that can be solved with satellite data and imagery

We assess how/if this technology is currently being implemented

We develop solutions that drastically improve such situations

If you are reading this, you probably already know that this technology has uses in many areas and industries. Also, you may know that despite its potential, dealing with it can be a real headache.

There’s too much data out there, too many providers, too many APIs and ways of processing the data, too many tools for what should be an easy task… We understand how this feels, and that’s why we are on a mission to knock down all these barriers.

‘I love spending hours processing satellite data’ – said no one, ever.

about us

How we can help you

If you’re interested in implementing satellite imagery data in the mining or environmental industries, we can assist you.

Similarly, if you work in the civil industry or are looking to harness the potential of AI applied to satellite imagery, we’re here to help.

Got a question or a challenge for us? You’re more than welcome to get in touch!

about us

Why us

Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves here:

+45,000,000 km2

Processed by our clients monthly.


The average efficiency gain our solutions provide compared to conventional approaches.


The number of countries where YNSAT operates.